Kim Phillips

Ira Kudriashova 

Head of Development

If Ira left the room – what would someone say about her?

"Ira is a driven and approachable leader who is respected by her team. If there is a job that needs to be done, Ira will find a way to do it."

Ira Kudriashova

Ira started at InfoTrack as a developer in 2014 with a background in Computer Science and Economics. Having grown up in Russia, Ira came to Australia seeking warmer weather and more challenging work.

During her time at InfoTrack, Ira has been pivotal in developing several of the company’s innovative workflow solutions including MapIT, VIC Property Enquiries and PEXA integration to name a few.

As Head of Development, Ira leads her team in writing new products and continuing to develop and improve upon existing services. Ira’s Development team work closely with the Product team and clients to lead the direction of the company and ensure that InfoTrack provides clients with the most intuitive and efficient technology to enhance their day-to-day working lives, while having fun of course!

Outside of work, Ira enjoys early morning surfs with her husband, smashing out a session at the gym and long walks.