Darran Wilson 

GM Sales

If Darran left the room – what would someone say about him?

"Darran’s a very supportive leader who’ll let you know when you’ve done well and will push you to be the best that you can be."

Darran Wilson

Darran has over 15 years’ experience in Sales, having worked as a Sales Executive for numerous companies in various industries. Darran’s key goal as the GM of Sales at InfoTrack is to inspire his team to help them bring out their talents and uncover their true passion within selling

Darran joined InfoTrack in 2015 as the National Sales Manager, where he was responsible for building the Sales team and taking the company from a strong player within the legal sector to its current positioning as the dominant player in the legal sector. After a 12-month stint in the United States, Darran returned to InfoTrack as the GM of Sales in 2018.

Having worked within Sales teams across various industries including Trades, Music and Media, Pharmaceutical and Software, Darran understands the importance of knowing what your customers need and building a foundational relationship with them, as opposed to just pushing sales.

Outside of work, Darran likes to spend time with his wife and daughter. He enjoys going out for dinner, spending time with extended family and playing golf.