How we measure customer happiness

We believe that the best way to improve our customer experience is to continually measure our customer satisfaction. We do this in the following ways:

  • we send out regular rapid surveys, asking “overall, how satisfied are you with the most recent contact you experienced with the InfoTrack Customer Support Team?"
  • our clients can rate their interactions out of ten with our National HelpDesk and National Property Services Teams.
  • our surveys let our clients score and define how important fast resolutions, first call resolution and customer satisfaction ratings are to their business.
  • clients will rate their satisfaction across the following elements: knowledge, helpfulness, friendliness, response time and resolution.

Our client feedback is key to our success. As a business, we strive to continually improve the lives of practitioners across multiple industries ensuring we are doing our utmost to make our clients workflow seamless, driving up efficiency and productivity.

How we get better

We welcome all customer feedback to gather insight to learn and drive our decisions to ultimately reach our goal where 100% of our customer feedback is from happy, satisfied customers:

  • reading all survey results and comments.
  • analysing all client responses and suggestions.
  • actioning all queries.
  • ensuring our clients know of any improvements we are implementing as a result of their suggestions.

We have won these awards for our outstanding achievement and commitment to service excellence and technology development.
iSupport, the best technology without compromising service quality.


We care about the clients we work for - it says so on our wall.


We take meticulous care with each and every interaction we have with our customers and make no exception.


I once heard someone say “It’s easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back” and that’s exactly how I feel.