Real Estate Agents and SignIT

The real estate market is going digital and real estate agents are an essential part of the eConveyancing process. The lawyers and conveyancers you work with will soon start sending you contracts for electronic signing and exchange with SignIT.

Sign up for one of our free eConveyancing roadshow events to find out how eConveyancing technology allows you to:

  • complete contracts of sale on the go from any electronic device
  • have the vendor and purchaser electronically sign contracts from any location
  • securely exchange contracts with the click of a button
  • eliminate the administrative hassle of printing, comparing and posting contracts


"A superb presentation - all of the team and speakers were so positive about their conveyancing programme. It was a highly informative afternoon filled with welcoming and delightful professional people and it was a privilege to be part of the session in Bendigo. I look forward to working alongside the InfoTrack team." - Adrian Harris, Licensed Real Estate Agent at Heathcote Real Estate

InfoTrack & DocuSign

InfoTrack, in partnership with DocuSign, brings you SignIT with an easy to use agent portal.  This means no more printing and posting contracts; you can now get all signatures on the one contract.

SignIT is available to use on computers, phones, tablets and other devices, meaning you can complete your contracts on the go and your vendor and purchaser can now sign your contract wherever they are in the world, with you receiving the signatures in real time.

The following pages provide simple step-by-step instructions that show you how to complete an agent exchange, including how your customers will sign the documents.  No registration is required; anyone can use SignIT.


"The main benefit of electronic signing for real estate agents is that it can be done from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to email and internet. The buyer and seller don’t have to be in the same city as you for the Contract to be signed and exchanged. It saves significant time and is so much more efficient because you don’t have to make arrangements to see both parties or wait for couriers" - Fay Petrou, Principal, Century 21 Harbourside

Download the Real Estate Agent User Guide for Electronic Contract signing