Mercantile & Debt Collection

We provide the Mercantile and Debt Collection industries with a full national searching service for all your Property, Corporate and Personal searching and affiliated services, including:

  • Litigation Search – Checking if an individual or corporate entity are involved in current legal proceedings in order to establish if to deal with or chase debt
  • PPSR Search – Identifying what security/loan a client has against personal property
  • AFSA Bankruptcy Search – Establishing if bankrupt or creditors petition
  • Person Locator Search – Locating individuals
  • ASIC – Company Search and Business Name Search
  • ASIC – Directorship Search – Identifying persons role in a company
  • National Property Ownership name searching – What real estate holding individual or entity has

We make it easy to access these searches, to readily assess the position of an individual or entity before dealing with them or taking action against them.

Additional benefits for Mercantile & Debt Collectors:

  • Dedicated Business Development Manager for your account
  • No upfront or ongoing fees
  • Simply pay as you use
  • Free training
  • National HelpDesk