At InfoTrack, we understand that accountancy and insolvency search requirements are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Market conditions are shifting and the digital revolution is creating a more competitive global economy. Winning new clients and business is difficult as practitioners deal with time and capacity restraints and a downward pressure on fees. Increasing efficiency and improving productivity are vital to staying in the game.

We understand the importance of speedy access to accurate information and we design our software to increase your efficiency while mitigating risk. As a technology company, we are dedicated to continuous development to ensure that our solutions meet your needs as they evolve.

What we offer

Our platform can be integrated into a wide range of practice management systems and we offer a variety of searches and reports, including PPSR, ASIC, AFSA, and RP Data Autoval.

Not only do we provide you with the information you need as swiftly as possible, but with the tools to interpret it faster and with greater accuracy. REVEAL, our free value-add visualisation tool maps out your search results in seconds allowing you to clearly understand and share information on relationships and connections between individuals, entities, assets or property.

How InfoTrack can help your business?
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks to allow for more charge time
  • Access a one-stop shop for all of your searching
  • Collaborate and share information more easily between staff and across teams
  • Reduce time spent on documentation, aggregation and analysis of search results
  • Mitigate risk through pre-populated data and follow on searches