Our gift of time promise

As the leading intelligent search provider in Australia, we are investing heavily in continuing to develop technology that will set the benchmark for the industries we serve.

At InfoTrack, we want our clients and the rest of the industry to reap the time saving benefits of this technology to the fullest.

Adopting new technology in the digital era

Australia is going digital and clients expect service that is fast, simple, efficient, transparent and cost-effective. In industries that are steeped in tradition and slow to change, this can seem like a daunting challenge for many practitioners. Administrative and manual tasks are tedious but necessary and cutting corners can be dangerous.

At InfoTrack, we help simplify processes and cut down on time spent on everyday tasks, giving you the gift of time so that you can focus on building new relationships and business. We are innovative disruptors and are constantly shaking up the market and pushing technology and service standards higher. Our technology is creating new markets, breaking boundaries and influencing change in behaviours and habits.



Electronic Contract for Sale (eCOS) and sign2Exchange (NSW)

For lawyers and conveyancers in NSW, preparing a Contract for the Sale of Land can be one of the more time-consuming and tedious processes.

It normally requires purchasing pages from the Law Society, ordering searches and certificates from an information broker, preparing the General Condition pages, and then manually piecing everything together in the correct order to compile the final contract for scanning and sending. All of this activity adds up to continuous interruptions to workflow.

With eCOS and sign2Exchange, we’ve created a one-stop-shop for all of your Contract for Sale needs. You can now compile, edit, sign and exchange a complete Contract for Sale electronically on our website from wherever you are.


Simplify your search results with the click of a button.

REVEAL offers an easier way of interpreting and presenting your search information that will save you valuable time and enable you to communicate data in a simple format for your clients.

Whether you’re a lawyer, banker, accountant or other professional, you’re used to combing through huge amounts of complex corporate data on a regular basis.

This can be one of the most labour intensive and tedious parts of your job. With REVEAL you can interpret ASIC, PPSR and Bankruptcy search information faster than ever and save hours of time.

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Verification of Identity made simple. Conduct VOI in half the time with IDfy.

IDfy is an easy to use application that lets you verify your clients in just a few minutes. No more scanning, photocopying or physical filing required! IDfy allows you to use your iPhone or iPad to take photos of your clients and their documents and sign declarations, saving you time and allowing you to stay with your client throughout the process.

IDfy can be used in-house, out-of-office or remotely, allowing you to complete the VOI process in a few simple steps no matter where your client is. If you and your client cannot meet in-person IDfy has a remote option that enables you to perform face-to-face VOI via video.


InfoTrack invented the integrated searching market 16 years ago. Our clients are able to start in their practice management system on a matter and seamlessly transition into InfoTrack to order a search. The matter references, individual, property address, or company details are prepopulated in InfoTrack.

Anything you order that has results is automatically returned to your document management system. The cost of the search is sent back to your billing system so that it can be disbursed back to your client. We provide this integration for free.


iSupport - InfoTrack's next generation HelpDesk

Nobody supports you better.

InfoTrack’s next generation HelpDesk provides the control and transparency you need. iSupport allows you to easily request assistance, track the progress of your calls and certificates and receive updates online, saving you time and frustration.


s32 sign2Exchange

 Lawyers and conveyancers in Victoria will soon be able to order their Title Package, searches, certificate and Section 32 Statement through InfoTrack in a few easy steps. Avoid the hassle of manually printing, collating and scanning your Section 32 by preparing it entirely online. Once your Section 32 is finalised, you can upload it for signing and exchange in just one click. Preparing your Vendor Statement has never been easier!

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Gift of time series

Event Agenda

As the leading intelligent search provider in Australia, we are investing heavily in continuing to develop technology that will set the benchmark for the industries we serve. And we want our clients and the rest of the industry to reap the benefits of this technology to the fullest.

We are holding seminars at our InfoTrack offices across Australia to show you how our intelligent search platform and products can give you the gift of time. Join us to learn about integrating time-saving technology into your workflow.

These sessions will focus on:

  • Digital Visualisation – This is a far easier way of analysing, interpreting and presenting complex ASIC and Business Name, PPSR and Bankruptcy searches. This offers superior data visualisation that will save you valuable time and allow you to confidently make the thorough assessments needed for your legal matters.
  • iPhone Applications – How to use iPhone applications in the course of your legal work for Verification of Identity
    Signing documents electronically & eCOS – Find out how you can efficiently order searches and certificates along with a complete Contract for Sale from the convenience of your desktop.
  • iSupport – An overview of next generation HelpDesk Support 
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John Ahern


Roseanne Perez

Product Manager

Darran Wilson
Northern Region Sales Manager

Badr Khabbaz
Southern Region Sales Manager

Lynette Barlow
Business Development Manager

Brendan Smart

National Sales Manager