End-to-end electronic conveyancing

InfoTrack's technology gives practitioners the tools to buy and sell property without touching a single piece of paper. From smart digital contract preparation, signing, and exchange to online certificates, we provide you with everything you need right up until settlement, creating a truly end to end electronic conveyancing process.

By the time you get to eSettlement, VOI, smart eContracts and eSigning will have done the hard work.

You can now conduct property transactions without touching a single piece of paper. From mobile VOI through to smart digital contract preparation, signing and exchange, InfoTrack's technology allows for seamless electronic conveyancing right up until settlement - cheaper, faster and more efficient than you ever could imagine.

InfoTrack’s mission is to connect practitioners to technology that makes their workday easier. We design our technology to integrate into your workflow seamlessly. We are not only providing our clients with the tools to conduct fully electronic conveyancing, but with a completely new workflow that is supported by the fastest certificate turnaround time in the industry and an award-winning next generation HelpDesk.

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"There is no doubt we are moving into a more digital age in many areas of our lives, so for me it makes sense to move conveyancing into the digital world too." - Charissa Pascoe, Conveyancer, Broken Hill Conveyancing