The electronic conveyancing revolution

Paperless conveyancing is revolutionising the way Australians buy and sell property. Will you be part of that revolution?

There is a nation-wide move towards electronic conveyancing, with the NSW Government having announced plans to accelerate the transition to electronic conveyancing and progressively phase out paper certificates of title. This initiative falls in line with the move towards paperless conveyancing across Australia, with Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia all recently announcing new measures to transition conveyancing to the digital channel. 

Thank you to all our attendee's

We toured through 32 different locations to demonstrate the latest in electronic conveyancing technology and provide a forum for practitioners to learn from experts, share their opinions and spark debate amongst their peers.

Attendee's saw how you can now conduct property transactions without touching a single piece of paper. From mobile VOI through to smart digital contract preparation, signing and exchange, InfoTrack's technology allows for seamless electronic conveyancing right up until settlement - cheaper, faster and more efficient than you ever could imagine. We'd like to thank all those that took the time out to join us and for making this such a huge success.

Key Takeaways from the roadshow

  Attendee's understood the role of technology in the modern legal and conveyancing practice - how it lowers costs, increases staff satisfaction and professionalism, reduces risks, and increases efficiency, profitability and client loyalty.  
  Attendee's are now able to start embracing digital disruption. It isn’t about overhauling your entire business model or operations but about using technologies in a smart way to complement and boost your current practices.
  Learned how paperless conveyancing is revolutionising the way Australians buy and sell property - what traditionally took 3-6 weeks can now be completed in a day or two.
  Got up to date on the latest legislation changes in the legal and conveyancing landscape and understand how they affect your practice.

Found out how InfoTrack can carry you through the conveyancing process right up until settlement – from mobile verification of identity through to smart digital contract preparation, signing and exchange see how our technology allows for seamless end-to-end electronic conveyancing.  


"The importance of technology's role in the modern firm cannot be emphasised enough; it allows for more productive use of time which is one of the most valuable resources in today's professional landscape"- Philip Argy, National Keynote Speaker


Who attended?

Real Estate Agents
Mortgage Brokers

What they saw


Heard industry experts speak on how technology is changing the legal and conveyancing landscape.


Viewed the newest electronic conveyancing technology in action.

Discussion & debate

Polled our expert panel and shared opinions with peers.


Learned about the latest legislative changes to the conveyancing process.


Philip Argy

National Keynote Speaker

Philip Argy is an experienced commercial mediator and arbitrator specialising in technology among numerous other fields. Philip was involved in drafting the Electronic Transactions Act and chairs both the Law Society of NSW Legal Technology Committee and the Law Council of Australia’s National Electronic Conveyancing System Committee. He chaired Malleson’s Technology & Information Committee for many years and often provides legal and technical advice on the provision and installation of information and communications technology.

Philip is an advocate of integrating technology into the modern firm and will discuss the role new technology can play in every practitioner’s business. He delved into the benefits of adopting new technology including lowering costs, reducing risk, and increasing efficiency, profitably and client loyalty.

The Q&A panel members

We gathered some of the industries leading practitioners to provide a Q&A panel on the latest econveyancing technologies, the latest legislative changes and how technology can help.

Claire Martin, Solicitor at Kreisson

Russell Cocks, Lawyer, Mentor, Author & Lecturer

Liz Chase, Director at Chase Legal

Lyndal Turner Guy, Lawyer at Kearney Guy Legal

Garth Brown, Principal at Brown & Brown Conveyancers

Brad Newton, VP Sales APAC at DocuSign

Guy Dawson, Solicitor & Editorial Director at By Lawyers

David Jones, Partner at Baker & McKenzie

Paul Bollen, Solicitor & Director at East Coast Conveyancing

The role of technology in the modern firm

InfoTrack and Lawyers Weekly recently conducted an online survey of Australian legal practitioners to gain insight into industry sentiment towards adopting new conveyancing technologies. In addition to the survey, we brought together property lawyers and tech experts to discuss the latest developments in technology. The results of the survey and roundtable point to an overall willingness to embrace new technology and an acknowledgment that the pace of change is continuing to pick up speed.

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Eugene Tan, Senior Associate, Clayton Utz

"Clients are demanding much more depth in terms of data which they’re receiving and the information which they can access on a real time basis."

Mark Morgan, Partner, Colin Biggers & Paisley

"The change heading towards the legal industry isn’t a wave - it’s a tsunami, and people who don’t learn how to swim are going to drown – they need to adapt in order to survive."

David Jones, Partner, Baker & McKenzie

“I’d like to think in a few years’ time, the paperless office we’ve been talking about for many years will be more of a reality and we’ll be doing a lot more with technology.”

Claire Martin, Solicitor, Kreisson

“Recent developments in eExchange, eContracts, and eSettlement means the technology has finally arrived. As more people try it and see how easy it is - more efficient, safer - usage should increase pretty quickly.”