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We all love things built just for us. Whether it be preferred settings on your mobile home screen, or ‘recommended viewing’ on your Netflix profile, our personal preferences make for an exclusiveunique experienceWhen it comes to technology that supports your firm, you need a solution that reflects your needs and is able to intuitively adapt to your workflow regardless of which property matter you are handling. Something built for you. 

Property matters can vary greatly depending on the state you operate in and whether your matter is a sale or purchase. InfoTrack's smart technology allows you to adapt your property workflows to suit your needs 

Built for you

Built For You eConveyancing Workflow

With InfoTrack’s intuitive end to end e-conveyancing workflow, you can begin your property matter with a verification of identity, save a collection of frequently used Title and Certificates, sign electronically and complete a paper or e-settlement all in one platform. The step by step workflow leads you through your matter, tailored to the unique sale or purchase requirements requested by your client. This sets your firm apart from the rest as you cater to the needs of your client, while staying efficient and productive.  

What our clients are saying

The full integration of InfoTrack’s e-conveyancing products allows for a seamless customer experience and easy to manage practice management solution.

Jason Tjoeng, MLC Lawyers, NSW

[After COVID-19 lockdown], the market bounced back hard and quickly in QLD. We also noticed a lot of southerners from NSW and Victoria relocating to QLD and many are buying property sight unseen.

Perry Russell, Keylaw Conveyancing, QLD

[InfoTrack’s] assistance and guidance has been a tremendous support to our firm during a time when industry practices and procedures are constantly changing.

Stefen Kourkoulis, S.Kourkoulis & Associates, VIC

The best part of the e-conveyancing workflow is that it steps you through the process. Being online, it means you can access the services, anywhere at any time.

Amanda Spencer, Bridge Legal, NSW

Built for Australian property lawyers and conveyancers by an Australian owned and operated tech company

As the pioneers of e-conveyancing and experts in the changing legal landscape across all Australian jurisdictions, InfoTrack understands the unique requirements of lawyers and conveyancers in different states across the country. If you’re based in Victoria where 100% e-conveyancing has been mandated and you’re completing a property matter for a client in Queensland where manual, paper-based conveyancing is still the norm, InfoTrack can support you to ensure you complete what is needed on time, thus satisfying your client.  

InfoTrack’s leading digital conveyancing solution is adaptive to your workflow needs, providing customer-centric benefits including:  

Helping you stay at the forefront of industry changes
Supporting your firm growth
Assisting to strengthen your client relationships

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